Aristeus Inc.

At Aristeus Inc., we take your privacy very seriously. We will never disclose individually identifiable information about our customers to any individual, institution or authority except if required by law or other regulation. Rest assured, your information is safe with us.

Information Collected

We keep a database of our users names and email addresses for customer service related purposes. Our customer lists are ours, and will never be sold or rented out to anyone!

The only time we would ever use your personal information for any other reason is to aid the proper authorities in finding fraudulent credit card charges or in finding those responsible for illegal distribution or piracy of our software.

We may collect your name and email address when you download our software. This is to ensure the downloads are going to legitimate customers and potential customers, and not to software pirates.


We feel that our time is best spent creating solutions for our customers, and employ strict anti-spam measures on our mail server.